It was January of 2009, and one of the most prolific winter natural disasters was underway...

A little about who we are

Our headquarters is located in the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas, where we are among the type of folks who are the customers we serve every day. We understand that the world we live in can be unpredictable. From ice storms to the disruptions of a global pandemic, we recognize the importance of being ready. One of our goals as we continue to grow is vertical integration of manufacturing. We want to be able to provide our products to you and your family, even when our suppliers might not be able to provide to us. This means that we are always investing in creating jobs at our manufacturing campus so that we can produce products in house from raw materials rather than rely on so many external suppliers. When the need arises for water, you need a Flojak pump, period. We are committed to doing our job to provide those, no matter what happens. 

We believe that innovation is one of our key resources. Our Flojak Ready™ Emergency Backup Pump is the first of its kind - a flexible, low cost, minimal-assembly required, rapid deployment pump system. Its small diameter and flexible body allow it to maneuver past many of the obstacles that could exist inside the well casing. It can literally be removed from the package and installed into a well - or other body of water - within minutes. A few minutes of pumping to prime, and soon life-giving water is being provided from the spigot below the handle. 

Our newly redesigned Flojak Rigid™ Emergency Backup Pump utilizes a patented AirLift™ technology that greatly offsets the force required for pumping high volumes of water from greater depths in a well, all without sensitive electronics or a need for solar or electricity. It’s truly a disaster preparedness system that is affordable and simple to install.

We believe that continued innovation will be able to provide solutions for water access for many years to come. Our team is composed of world-class engineers, designers, and manufacturers that are able to bring never-before-experienced water solutions to reality for our customers. We’d love to introduce some of our key team members to you!

Today, we’ve grown to over several different systems and accessories, and are constantly innovating better versions and completely new products. We remember our days of being caught in the ice without water, and we allow those lessons to keep us centered around the needs of our customers. We allow the story of our origin to keep us committed to delivering peace of mind in a box, every time. Today, thousands of homes across the country have chosen to invest in a Flojak backup well pump system to provide water and peace of mind.

Andrew Baker | Founder & CEO

Andy's experience during the 2009 ice storm, where he faced a crisis without water, was a pivotal moment shaping his product development path. His instrumental role in creating the first Flojak backup manual well pump in 2011 reflects his commitment to innovative solutions. With a professional background spanning product design, manufacturing, and digital marketing strategies, Andy brings a wealth of expertise to his role.

Passionate about Flojak's mission of offering 'Peace of Mind in a Box', Andy understands the profound impact the company's products have beyond water pumping. He places a strong emphasis on product quality and manufacturing standards, recognizing that excellence is crucial to earning and maintaining customer trust.

Residing on a farm in Mountain View with his wife and three children, Andy finds fulfillment in his love for horses, design, and leading a dedicated team at Flojak. His drive for excellence and his vision for positive change through business guide his leadership approach, inspiring his team to make a meaningful impact in the world.

Rob Gilliom | Vice President of Engineering

Rob serves as the Vice President of Engineering at Flojak Hand Well Pumps, where he leads the technical strategy and development of innovative well pump solutions. With a distinguished background in mechanical engineering and product design, Rob brings a wealth of expertise to his role.

Rob loves creating reliable and efficient products that positively impact people's lives, Rob is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of quality and performance at Flojak Hand Well Pumps. His commitment to engineering excellence and customer satisfaction drives him to continuously enhance the company's product line.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Rob enjoys a fulfilling personal life in Conway with his wife Nancy, finding joy in activities like bike riding and spending time with their family and grandchildren. Rob's ability to blend technical prowess with a passion for personal connections underscores his holistic approach to leadership and life.

Leo Kempf | Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Leo is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Flojak, overseeing the company's go-to-market strategies for their innovative well pump systems. With a strong background in sales and marketing, Leo brings a wealth of experience and strategic insight to his role.

Passionate about driving business growth and creating impactful marketing campaigns, Leo is dedicated to expanding Flojak's market presence and enhancing brand visibility. His expertise in consumer behavior and market trends informs his targeted strategies that effectively promote Flojak's products and services.

Outside of his professional responsibilities, Leo resides in the scenic Ozarks with his family, finding joy in tinkering with motorcycles and restoring his classic Volkswagen beetle. This passion for hands-on projects reflects Leo's creativity and problem-solving skills, which translate into his innovative approaches to sales and marketing initiatives at Flojak.

With a blend of strategic vision and a love for craftsmanship, Leo plays a crucial role in driving Flojak's success in the industry. His commitment to excellence and his ability to connect with customers on a personal level set him apart as a leader in the sales and marketing sphere.

Kevin Thomas | Vice President & General Manager

Kevin Thomas serves as the Vice President and General Manager at Flojak, where he directs the operations and manufacturing functions of the company's innovative well pump systems. With a strong background in high-level industrial construction and contracting, Kevin brings a wealth of expertise and strategic leadership to his role.

Bringing a keen eye for detail and efficiency to the forefront, Kevin is dedicated to ensuring operational excellence and manufacturing quality at Flojak. His extensive experience in industrial construction equips him with the skills to streamline processes and optimize production to deliver top-notch products to customers.

Residing in the picturesque Mountain View with his beautiful family, Kevin finds solace and inspiration in his passion for photography and the great outdoors. This love for capturing moments and exploring nature reflects Kevin's creative spirit and his ability to find beauty and precision in both his personal and professional pursuits.

Kevin's unique blend of operational prowess, strategic vision, and appreciation for the world around him make him a key driving force behind Flojak's success in the industry. His commitment to excellence and his dedication to continuous improvement underscore his role as a leader in operations and manufacturing within the company.

Ryan Mansager | Director of Sales & Marketing

Ryan is the Director of Sales and Marketing at Flojak, where he leads a dynamic multi-territory sales team and coordinates in-person events and tradeshows throughout the year. With a focus on driving innovation in customer experience, Ryan is committed to enhancing brand engagement and driving sales growth through strategic marketing initiatives.

Residing in Leslie, Arkansas, Ryan lives with his wife and children and finds joy in his love for people, community service, and the intricate art of handcrafted woodworking. His dedication to creating meaningful connections, supporting his community, and crafting unique woodwork pieces underscores his diverse talents and values, both personally and professionally.

Ryan's leadership within sales and marketing, coupled with his passion for customer-centric innovation, positions him as a key contributor to Flojak's success in a competitive market landscape. His ability to blend strategic insight with his genuine appreciation for human connections and craftsmanship sets him apart as a leader who is dedicated to driving business excellence and enriching the lives of those around him.

Stephany Jason | Accounting Manager

Stephany serves as the Accounting Manager at Flojak, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience in managing finance and administration for the company. With a keen eye for detail and a strategic approach to financial management, Stephany plays a crucial role in ensuring the fiscal well-being of Flojak.

Residing in Mountain View, Stephany finds joy in her personal pursuits, such as raising chickens and innovating home decorating. Her passion for creative endeavors outside of work reflects her ingenuity and drive for innovation, qualities that she also brings to her role in overseeing accounting and financial operations at Flojak.

With a keen understanding of financial processes and a dedication to accuracy and efficiency, Stephany's expertise contributes to the company's success in maintaining sound financial health. Her ability to balance her professional responsibilities with her creative hobbies highlights her well-rounded approach to life and work, making her a valuable asset to the Flojak team.

Keith Huyard | Operations Manager

Keith is the Operations Manager at Flojak, bringing over 30 years of extensive experience in leading large manufacturing organizations across the country. With a proven track record of operational excellence and strategic leadership, Keith plays a pivotal role in optimizing production processes and enhancing efficiency at Flojak.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Keith finds fulfillment in spending time with his grandchildren and supporting his son with their family farm. His commitment to family and community extends beyond the workplace, showcasing his values of hard work, dedication, and a strong sense of responsibility.

Keith's wealth of experience in overseeing manufacturing operations, coupled with his passion for family and farming, underscores his holistic approach to life and work. His leadership at Flojak reflects his dedication to operational excellence and his ability to drive innovation and efficiency within the company. Keith's blend of professional expertise and personal values make him a valuable asset to the Flojak team.

Cody McAmis | Account Executive

Cody is an esteemed Account Executive at Flojak, known for his unparalleled dedication to serving clients and his deep-rooted passion for the homesteading lifestyle. With a firm commitment to excellence in client relationships, Cody leverages his expertise to ensure customer satisfaction and foster long-lasting partnerships at Flojak.

Beyond his role as an account executive, Cody leads a fulfilling life as a homesteader, showcasing his extensive knowledge within the preparedness community. His strong roots in homesteading reflect his values of self-sufficiency, resilience, and community building, further enhancing his ability to connect with clients on a meaningful level.

Living on a farm near Mountain View, Cody nurtures a large family and is actively involved in tending to his homestead alongside his loved ones. His dedication to sustainable living and his hands-on experience in farm work underscore his genuine passion for the lifestyle he advocates.

Cody's unwavering commitment to both his professional role at Flojak and his personal endeavors as a homesteader highlights his multifaceted approach to life. Through his boundless energy and enthusiasm for Flojak hand well pumps, Cody continues to make a significant impact in both the business world and the homesteading community, embodying the values of hard work, dedication, and service at every turn.

Jonathon Winstead | Account Executive

Jonathon is a talented Account Executive at Flojak, known for his innovative approach to sales and his wealth of experience in promoting consumer products and solutions to reach a broader client base. With a strategic mindset and a passion for driving growth opportunities, Jonathon plays a pivotal role in expanding Flojak's reach and delivering value to its diverse clientele.

When he's not pioneering new sales strategies, Jonathon indulges in his love for basketball and jeeping. His enthusiasm for these activities not only reflects his competitive spirit but also his commitment to staying active and exploring new horizons both on and off the court.

Jonathon's dedication to his professional endeavors at Flojak is paralleled by his passion for extracurricular pursuits, demonstrating a well-rounded approach to life. His ability to seamlessly blend his expertise in sales with his personal interests in sports and outdoor adventures underscores his dynamic and versatile character.

With Jonathon at the helm of driving innovative solutions and building strategic client relationships, Flojak continues to thrive in a competitive market landscape. His unique blend of experience, enthusiasm, and commitment to excellence sets him apart as a valuable asset to the Flojak team and a role model for aspiring sales professionals.