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8-Inch Well Cap with Flojak Ready™ Gripper

8-Inch Well Cap with Flojak Ready™ Gripper

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A Well Cap is sometimes referred to as a “turtle” because of its unique shape. This style of well caps for sale is the most common. It has a unique bump-out which covers the electrical conduit (usually plastic) with wires for the submersible pump. Turtles may be made from plastic, zinc, aluminum and cast iron. Some have side-bolts which clamp the turtle to the well casing, and others screw from the top, into a ring with threaded holes.

The Flojak Ready™ well caps for sale are cast and machined from aluminum and provide a quick, easy and rugged replacement cap with integrated mounting for the Flojak Ready™. The 8-inch well cap with Flojak Ready™ gripper is simple-to-install and fits right over any standard 8" casing, and is then held in place by tightening the bolts around the perimeter lip.

These well caps for sale are machined at our factory in Arkansas, and come with a center access hole and a rugged black nylon gripper which holds the Flojak Ready™ for pumping. If there should be an obstruction below the factory location of the mounting access point, the hole can easily be re-drilled in a better location using our well casing cap hole drill kit (ESDK-001) which comes with a hole saw and a plug to cap off the original hole.

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